Getting Started


Welcome to User Guide for Datapare. Datapare is designed for your business to beat the competition. Datapare helps you to make faster and better decisions.

To your left you will see a useful menu, divided by subjects. To navigate the topics click on the arrows next to the menu items and select the topic you wish to view. You can also click below to view the previous or next articles.

About Datapare

Datapare is a competitive intelligence tool that help your business to get more informations about your competitors. Datapare provides you to know your competitors strategies by tracking their digital footprints.

How does it work?

Datapare checks your competitors websites periodically for you. In this way, you will not miss any changes. Datapare also tracks the social media shares of these sites. You can also follow any part of any website with Observe.

Sign Up / Sign In

Sign Up

You can easily register by going to sign up page. Before you can use Datapare, you need to verify the account email adress. We automatically send a verification email to the mail to the email adress you used to sign up for your account.

Sign In

After the verification, you can sign in by using your email adress and password.



You can change your password and manage your payment methods by clicking “Settings” button.


When you login to Datapare Price Tracker you will see the dashboard. Dashboard is the place that you can manage all your tracking activities.

Dashboard has three columns to manage your process.

  • My products
  • Market overview
  • Seller details

Add Product

When you login for the first time you see empty dashboard. You need to track minimum 1 product to see the results.
There are 2 ways to add products.

  • Extensions. Please go to Chrome or Firefox pages to download our application.
  • Add Product modal.

My Products

When you add a product from extensions or add product button, you will see the product in the left column. You can remove this product from your tracking list from same column.

product tracking left panel

From settings button on the product line you can set alarms.

product settings

Market Overview

Market overview is the summary of the market for the product you have selected on the left column.

You will see the e-commerce websites and marketplaces you have selected to follow. The graph on the top of the column show the price history (minimum prices) of each website.

product settings

Bottom of the price graph you will see all websites with minimum and maximum prices.

product settings

Seller Detail

You can find all seller minimum and maximum prices of the selected website.

product settings